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Making jewelry has become part of who I am.


I studied ceramics & philosophy in San Francisco. My ceramic work was sculptural and based on what my current thoughts that I personally needed to work through. I explored ideas with clay like a person would with a journal. My best work was made when the clay would refuse to form the way that I had thought I wanted. The clay moved against my direction as if wanted to talk back to me. It felt as if it was letting me in on that secret answer to the question I was trying to work out. This little whisper of art led to me to pursue it as a career and never looked back.


 After graduating I signed up for a ceramic workshop to use their kilns and create sculptures for galleries. Life isn't so arrowed straight and it tends to give you curve balls and I tend to swing at them.  



As I was signing up for the ceramic workshop I stumbled across another one titled, "Metal-Smithing". Without reading any further past that title, I signed up. The class started and the first project was to make a tiny silver ring. I wish I could have seen my face. Probably straight confusion written on my forehead. I was thinking, "Oh no, I'm in the wrong classroom..." I quickly scanned the chalkboard and it did read "Beginning Metal-Smithing 1" Room 101...  I then read the class details and surprise, surprise. I signed up to make some jewelry.

 That was the hook in my life that put me on this journey and like most loves you never see them coming. I honestly fell in love with making jewelry. Every project was fun and challenging. My last class project, I made my wife's engagement ring. Forming my wife's ring by taking pure gold to a melting temperature, mixing in elements for strength and color felt like I was carving a new path of something that could be passed down in time. The symbolic stress, pressure, and excitement sum up the feelings of making the ring as well as the day I proposed.   



This creative outlet and being able to connect with customers personally has been rewarding on so many levels. I get to see the excitement and jitters of the one about to propose. I get to be a part of the wide grins on faces, see the eyes well up at the moment of joy and hear the stories of how, when and where. I get to make something they wear that represents their love and commitments. I love this profession and want to thank you for letting me continue to do it.



(Cleaning bangles in my tiny apartment in Oakland in 2015)

Please feel free to ask me questions or contact me with a hello. I would love to hear from you! I'm new to this selling online and would appreciate the interactions.

Also, thank you for reading my story! 


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Illustrations by Briana Kranz 

AKA my amazingly talented wife!



 (Me after I built my first jewelers bench)



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